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2012 Fiat 500 Abarth – all set to hit American roads


2012 Fiat 500 AbarthAfter enjoying the successful run in European roads, 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth,a new offering from Chrysler, is all set to change the face of automotive industry in America. The car is luxury exemplified and is satisfying in all aspects. It is a cool piece of technology and is fitting face of racing car industry prevalent in USA. Engine delivers high HP per liter making it one of the sturdiest machines available today. It is new entrant in small car segment but the luxury guaranteed is sure to give any big car run for its money.

This car is a darling among track lovers and its unbelievable pick up takes the driver to a new world of excitement, thrill and confidence. It promises performance along with durability and is sure to win the hearts of the racers with best features installed. The Abarth-tuned suspension and power-tuned control mechanism defines what beautiful drive is all about. It is one of the quietest cars available providing world-class comforts to the driver in terms of steering wheel control.

A number of function keys attached on the steering wheel make the drive an unforgettable periods and grille is another classic attachment that is a source of complete infotainment to the occupant. This car derives its inspiration from Fiat Sport that was itself a milestone among racing cars and is sure to carry the legacy of racing on its able features. Priced at $22000, this car is all set to translate Italian excellence on the American roads.




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