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Audi A5 2013 is an outstanding example of technology and innovation

13A520TFSI_19_hrgb__midAudi A5 2013 is the engineering at acme. Equipped with the best available parts possible, this car is winning rave views at all the vehicle shows and awards functions. Quattro all-wheel drive is its most attractive feature that brings the unmatched pleasure to the driver who enjoys butter smooth drive. Audi A5 2013 is athletic in style and is capable of making heads turn with Xenon lighting powered with LED technology.

The strength and power are the two most important features of Audi A5 2013 and because of its world class features like Wi-Fi interception, Google maps, GPRS facility and lane as well as traffic guidance, it is proving to be the safest design possible in the category of luxury cars.

The other variants of Audi A5 2013, Audi S5 2013 and Audi RS5 2013 Cabriolet are luxury integrated with powerful performance. There is hardly any feature that is not falling under premium category and practical drivability and fuel-efficiency are the two most desirable features that are making these models most lovable vehicles of America.

Audi group has managed to roll out never-heard-before features in all the models and it is because of the uniqueness of the features that Audi vehicles are grabbing the limelight of all the awards and automobile shows. These models are the true examples of intelligent driving and can be considered as the fitting representatives of modern automobile industry.




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