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Audi A6 2013 finds a place among ‘2013 10Best’ winner list

13A630TFSI_04_hrgb__midAudi A6 2013 emerges successful in all the comparison listings done by Car and Driver, a prestigious publisher that keeps a critical record of all the new cars appearing in the market. Technology, engineering, durability and above all, functionality of design are some of the factors on which various cars are compared by this information provider.

325 lb-ft of torque generated by V6 engine generates 310 horsepower making it one of the most powerful vehicles till date. Car and Driver awards are one of the success stories of Audi and its appearance in all the awards organized by this publication shows unmatched consistency achieved by this wonderful car maker.

Audi A6 2013 is the intelligence at its acme. Head-up display and MMI navigation that is capable of recognizing the handwriting makes this car one of the most innovative models available in the car industry. Car and Driver praises it for being awareness-driven vehicle that allows the occupants to enjoy factory-installed Wi-Fi internet connection and directional features like Google Earth maps.

Fuel-efficiency is another likeable feature that has put this car under the category of the most impressive cars that are extra-ordinary and innovative in every sense.




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