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Audi S6 2013 sedan – car for 2013 generation

13S640TFSI_16_hrgb__midAudi S6 sedan is the car for the present generation. Car owners today are looking for the features that help them keep in touch with the whole world even while driving. If you want to walk shoulder to shoulder with the world around and hate getting disconnected on the pretext of being on move, then choose Audi S6 Sedan as your best friend. Driving this speed marvel is a treat in itself and the ability to remain in touch with the current affairs due to the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity, Google earth supported by AudiConnect bring unprecedented pleasure to the car owner.

Its main power lies in 4.0 TFSI V8 engine that can produce torque of 406 lb-ft causing it to get the acceleration of 60 mph in mere 4.5 seconds. The vehicle can be driven electronically while maintaining speed as high as 155 mph. This car is a great piece of power and innovation and allows the driver to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Active Noise Control feature provides awesome feel to the occupants as this is able to cut  them off from the hustle and bustle of traffic around. The sound system is controlled by the sub-woofer and main speakers that filter all the unwanted noises effectively.

Another sporty feature of this car is sport differential that is designed to support S-tronic transmission. 8-Cylinder engine is able to support four kinds of drives such as Auto, Dynamic, Individual and Comfort. Such is the beauty of the grip provided by sport suspension that one can handle all kinds of roads and terrains without exerting the engine beyond capacity. This is one of the reasons that Audi S6 2013 sedan is making news among the control patrons that want everything to be perfect while driving.




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