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BMW i3 – the theme coupe unveiled at LA auto show


P90108335-zoom-origLA auto show introduced a very unique concept among cars to the audience in the shape of BMW i3. The car is one of its kind setting the new standards for saving space as well as power. This car is the latest entry in the list of special vehicles. This range of theme-based vehicles is electricity-driven loaded with lithium ion battery and electric motor along with a powertrain, a concept common to energy-efficient cars of BMW.

The viability of the concept is aptly tested in the form of pilot driving conducted in ace cities of the world for around 12.5 million miles, making a record in test driving. Vehicle is to  be charged once in three to four days. Pilot project shows that public charging systems are used for negligible times thus making the concept all the more feasible and allows the user for taking inter-city drives also.P90108338-thumb-orig

The availability of range extender adds to the mileage of the car in single charging. Use of lithium ion battery is also contributing the feasibility factor as it remains unaffected during temperature changes and output is up to the mark in most of the weather conditions. This two-seater is surely going to be the future face of urban commuting system.




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