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Volkswagen America – all set to prove supremacy in fuel-efficiency


Volkswagen of America has decided to challenge the existing world record for displaying fuel-efficiency. The group has chosen Volkswagen Passat TDI Clean Diesel to prepare for the acid test. This luxury car maker is proving its worth by travelling 8000 miles starting from its headquarters located at Herndon. The car will take the tour of around 48 US states demonstrating the excellence of diesel technology.

Passat_TDI_Pic__midPassat TDI is the best representative of diesel technology in cars and its excellence in fuel-efficiency is completely on the marks. The attempt gets more meaningful with main witness behind the wheels will be Wayne Gerdes, founder of the online community dedicated to raising fuel economy and vehicle emission standards.

The drive is going to be the fortune turner for number of supporters like Shell, the diesel supplier for the event and Continental PureContact tires that claim low resistance quality of their offering contributing towards fuel-efficiency.

2013 Passat TDI employs Think Blue philosophy that is found to be relevant to other car models too such as clean, hybrid, electric and gasoline engine. This car is making its mark among non-hybrid vehicle list.

The journey reportedly commenced on 7th June, 12 p.m. Passat TDI is known for showing outstanding performance of 40 mpg on highway making it quite capable of appearing in the prestigious Guinness  Book of World Records.




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